Send Multi-Modal Business Communications Through the Customer Portal

EmailToVoice.Net does more than send Voice and SMS messages via an email interface. You can use the Customer Portal to quickly send SMS messages or you can create Lists and use the Customer Portal to send email, Fax, SMS, TTS, and prerecorded Voice messages.

A No-Code Solution to Send Two-Way SMS from Business Applications

EmailToVoice.Net can send Two-Way SMS messages in either simple text or rich content SMS alerts. Business Applications and Monitoring Software need to send Critical Alerts and rich communications through SMS. Often, a response is required to ensure the recipient received the message.

Give a Voice to SIEM Critical Alerts

SIEM critical alerts need to get immediate attention when triggered. Phone calls get people's attention. A phone call is rare and loud. SIEM is a class of products that combines security event management and security information management. SIEM technologies provide...

Use the Opt Out List to Stop Calls To a Phone Number in EmailToVoice.Net

The most expedient way to stop messages from being sent is to add the phone number to the account’s Opt Out List. The administrator can even set a time period.

How to Modify an Active List that is Locked in EmailToVoice.Net

Changes to distribution lists used for alerts and business communications are necessary when employees leave the company or change positions. However, sometimes an administrator of EmailToVoice.Net will get the following error message when trying to make a change to a...

Escalation Call List Delay in Email to Voice Service

We have added an additional feature to our Escalation List. The customer can now set a default amount of time that occurs between the sequential calls.

Escalation Lists Support Sequential Calling for Alerts in EmailToVoice.Net

Escalation Lists in EmailToVoice.Net are used to sequentially send a text-to-speech (TTS) message to a list of phone recipients from any business application. An alert notification needs action immediately. This may require the alert to be sent to more than one person...

2020 Recap of EmailToVoice.Net New Features and Added Value

Let’s take a look back at the customer value we added in 2020 to EmailToVoice.Net. We continue to grow because of our wonderful customers. They know exactly what they need to provide mission-critical business communications for their value chains and supply chains.

Secure Transmission for Enterprise SMS Alert Messages in EmailToVoice.Net

Enterprise SMS from EmailToVoice.Net provides TLS to protect a ‘Man in the Middle’ view of the content of the message as it travels from the customer’s server to our cloud base messaging platform. The message is then delivered as an HTML web page using an HTTPS active link in the SMS message.(LinkInSMS)

Best Way to Get an Emergency Alert Delivered and Recognized

Since people are not making phone calls often anymore, the voice phone call now becomes the perfect way to alert an individual. It’s loud and rare.

Comparing Enterprise SMS using LinkInSMS to RCS and MMS

Enterprise SMS is a feature of EmailToVoice.Net, which uses LinkInSMS to deliver rich content to smartphones. Enterprise SMS from uses the combination of commonly available platforms of Email and SMS to deliver large amounts of formatted data from mission-critical business applications.

Easily Parse the Beginning and End of an Email To Voice Message

EmailToVoice.Net has the ability to designate the beginning and the end of the message that is to be delivered as a voice or text message. When using email to send an alert message as a voice phone call or a Text SMS message, you may want to send only the important information.

Sending Enterprise Text Using a Simple Email Interface

Enterprise Text is a feature of EmailToVoice.Net that creates a custom HTML Web page from your business email alert and then delivers it as a simple SMS message. For each SMS recipient, a custom web page is created and inserted in their SMS text message, allowing viewing of the page of HTML with a simple tap. This allows a single text message to communicate large amounts of formatted data.

Free Trial

When you subscribe to the service, your company automatically gets a 28 day trial and the ability to send up to 55 message units.