In this era of constant digital communication, email has become a vital tool for professional and personal correspondence. But what if you could take your email communication to the next level by turning your written messages into voice calls. is an enterprise platform that offers the unique ability to convert your emails into voice phone calls, opening up a world of possibilities for seamless and efficient communication. Bridging the Gap between Email and Voice Communication is an innovative platform that bridges the gap between traditional email and voice communication. With its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge technology, this platform offers a seamless way to transform your text-based emails into clear and concise voice calls. Whether you’re a business professional looking to connect with clients or a loved one who prefers the personal touch of a phone call, has you covered.

How Does Work?

The process of converting an email into a voice call with is remarkably straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:
1.    Compose Your Email: Begin by crafting your email message just as you normally would. You can use any email client or platform to create your message.

2.    In the recipient field, include the recipient’s phone number, followed by “”. For example, if you want to send a voice call to the phone number (555) 123-4567, your TO field would be “” (International calls need a +country-code before the number, like +615512312345)

3.    Compose Your Message: The content of your email will be converted into a voice call message. Write your message as you normally would, and will handle the rest.

4.    Send Your Email: This email can be sent from a monitoring software or any email interface.

5.    Recipient Receives a Voice Call: The recipient will receive a phone call with your message converted into spoken words. They can listen to the message just like any other phone call.

Key Features of

1.    Global Reach: offers global coverage, ensuring that you can reach recipients anywhere in the world without the need to pre-register the phone number with our service.

2.    Customizable Caller ID: You can personalize the caller ID that appears on the recipient’s phone, making it easy for them to recognize you.

3.    Text-to-Speech: The platform uses advanced text-to-speech technology to ensure that your message is delivered with clarity and precision.

4.    Window of Time: You can set a window of time voice calls can be sent, like for instance “after-normal-working-hours”.

5.    Reporting: provides a Customer Portal and email delivery reports, so you can track the status of your voice calls and ensure that they reach their intended recipients.

Use Cases for

The versatility of opens up a world of possibilities for various use cases:

1.    Business Communications: Businesses can use to send important updates, alerts, and notifications to clients, employees, and stakeholders with the personal touch of a voice call.

2.    Emergency Notifications: is an invaluable tool for sending critical emergency notifications to specific recipients quickly and effectively. And, voice phone calls get answered, unlike emails.

In a world where digital communication dominates, stands out. With its ability to seamlessly convert emails into voice calls, this platform offers a unique and efficient way to connect with others. Whether for business communications or emergency alerts, is a powerful tool that enhances the way we communicate. Try it today and experience the transformation of your email communication.