How Email to Voice works:


We transform an email message into a phone call.

Worker receiving Email To Voice messagesMake the TO field in the Email you are sending to look something like (international calls require a +CountryCode in front of the local number)

The recipient will receive a call on their phone. The text in the email is converted to a nice sounding voice. If the recipient answers, they will hear the message right away. If they do not answer, the message will be left on their voice mail system. You can even leave a different message if the call goes to voice mail.

More details are below:



To make a phone call from email

  1. Enter in the “to” field.
    • phonenumber for the USA is something like 5555555555.
    • For International numbers outside of the USA, the phonenumber should be something like +6155555555 where the digits following the + sign are the country code. The + sign and country code do not need to be designated for calls within the USA or Canada.
    • tts can be substituted with sms, fax or voice. see our Features Page for more information.
  2. The FROM email address must be the same as the one you specified in the subscription process; or a special email address you provided us.
  3. Type in anything you want in the subject field using less than 120 characters. (Subject field  is used merely as a job name for reporting, unless a special request is made to have the subject read as part of the message,)
  4. Type your message in the email the same way you would type any email. (But, you can enhance with advanced capabilities of Email to Voice..)
  5. And then just send the email.

The phone number you specified in the “TO” field will be dialed by our service and the message in your email is converted to an easy to understand voice message and played for the recipient. American English is the default. But, we have many different voices for different languages. Our service handles the tough stuff.

NOTE: During the Free Trial, there is a standard header message played before your message. The sentence says “”The following message is being delivered to you through Email To Voice messaging cloud service.’. This message is removed when you become a customer by providing a credit card as instructed in the Welcome email we send you after you sign up. However, you can always add your own standard Header message by inserting the Header Tag in your email or by contacting us to add it to your account profile.



All Business Communications

Did we mention that you can send a SMS, FAX or prerecorded Voice Message from an email program interface, like from an application, Internet of Things device (IoT / M2M) or through your CRM, Dispatch System or Patient Care system?

Just add another contact email address using from your program and your done.

To do this, there is no more need for complicated Application Program interface (API) programming or complex gateways. Learn more about Where to Use EmailToVoice.Net