How to Send a FAX Using Email

  1. Sign up for EmailToVoice.Net
  2. Enter in the “to” field.
    • phonenumber for the USA and Canada is something like 5555555555. The number does not need to be preregistered with EmailToVoice.Net.
    • For International numbers outside of the USA and Canada, the phonenumber needs a + country code and would look something like +6155555555.
    • FAX can be substituted with tts, voice, LinkInSMS or SMS. see our Features Page for more information.
  3. The FROM email address must be the same as specified in the subscription process or a special email address you provided us.
  4. Type in anything you want in the subject field using less than 120 characters.
  5. Attach your document, such as a PDF, to the Email.
  6. The content of the Email will be used as the FAX Cover Page.
  7. And then just send the email.

The content of the email will be converted to a FAX cover page. The attachment will be converted to a FAX. A success report on the delivery of the FAX will be returned back to the sender of the FAX.

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All Business Communications

Did we mention that you can send a TTS, SMS, LinkInSMS, FAX or prerecorded Voice Message from an email program interface, like from an application, Internet of Things device (IoT / M2M) or through your CRM, Dispatch System or Patient Care system?

Just add another contact email address using from your program and your done.

To do this, there is no more need for complicated Application Program interface (API) programming or complex gateways. Learn more about Where to Use EmailToVoice.Net