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Send an Alert to a phone from any Blockchain or Business Application

Make a voice phone call or send and SMS using a Simple API through HTTP from any business or blockchain application

EmailToVoice.Net has a simple HTTP API designed for rapid SMS and Text to Speech job submissions. It can also return the status information of a submitted job. Any programming language capable of issuing http POST requests can use this API.

Try out an example of our Communications Simple API

You can get a basic understanding of the API here.

The web page there will allow you to submit a form creating SMS messages and retrieve job status.

Under the covers, this website uses the http API.

  • Action: Must be set to “Sendjob”
  • Username: The user name created during the SIgn Up (Always preceded by etv/)
  • Password: The password used to sign on to the Customer Portal
  • JobType: Text-to-Speech; or SMS; or 2Way SMS; or 2Way TTS
  • Message: The text message that will be converted based upon the JobType: For Text-to-speech, the text is converted to a voice and then played when the recipient answers or left on voicemail if the recipient does not answer. For SMS, the message is converted to an SMS and sent to the recipient’s phone
  • Recipients: The phone number of the recipient. If the number is in the USA or Canada, then the format would be 5551231234. For any number outside of the USA or Canada, specify the country code, like +615551234 or 0011615551231234. If you want more than one recipient, use the | as a separator, for example, 5551231234|5552343456
  • version: Always specify 3

This will work with any business or blockchain application capable of issuing a cURL command, like Chainlink for blockchain applications or just about any programming language for traditional business applications.

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SIEM alerts

Submitting a SMS or Text to Speech job

You can submit a job by issuing a POST request with the following parameters to

Note: The string content of the parameters must be urlencoded (

The return from the POST request will be a job number and http status of 200. If the request has failed, the response will be a string with the error details, and http status of 422 (for data errors). Note, the error message is used in the HTTP header error status description, as well as in the body of the message, so can be read from the HTTP header or the HTTP content.


Particular responses:

Html header – Status: 200 OK

Successful request. Response in body of return as per normal

Html header – Status: 422 Un-processable Content

Invalid data in request, the details of which are in body of the return. (See below for currently possible errors)

422 data errors:

General errors:

Please verify your username and password

Errors for Send Jobs:

The system currently only supports “SMS”, “2 Way SMS”, “TTS” and “2 Way TTS” Missing message content.

Missing recipients

Only users can send messages via HtmlAPI.