Send an Email to Make a Voice Phone Call or Rich Content SMS Message

from your monitoring software or any business application – to any number in the world without pre-registration

Our cloud messaging service converts the text in the email message to a genuine-sounding voice, or a rich communication SMS message using LinkInSMS

Automatically setup escalation calling lists, parse voice messages, send large formatted SMS and much more - No need to install hardware or use APIs. No monthly fees.

How Email To Voice Works

Use any program email interface to make a phone call or to send large formatted data using SMS text messaging to almost any phone number in the world. We convert the email to a voice or to an HTML web page.

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When to Use Email To Voice

Use EmailToVoice.Net when an IoT device or application program must send a voice alert or formatted information to a phone. No need to install hardware or software, or use any complex APIs.

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After you use the first 55 free message units during your free trial, a $4.95 signup fee will be used as a credit toward future usage. There is no recurring monthly fee or long term commitment.

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Email to

Text To Speech

We convert the content of the email to Voice (TTS) and make the call.



Email To

Enterprise SMS

We create a custom HTML Web page from the content of the email and deliver it through a simple SMS message, allowing viewing of the page on a cell phone from a simple tap.



Email To


We convert the content of an email to a text message and deliver the message as an SMS.



Who Uses EmailToVoice.Net

Throughout the World

EmailToVoice.Net is used by enterprises in over 20 countries.


EmailToVoice.Net adds efficiency and reliability to value chains for Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Food Delivery, Radio Broadcasting, Server Hosting services, and more…


EmailToVoice.Net is integrated with Monitoring Software, Supply Chain applications, ERP and CRM applications, Customer Service escalation processes, Consumer facing Web Applications for food and product ordering, and more….

Free Trial

When you subscribe to the service, your company automatically gets a 28 day trial and the ability to send up to 55 message units.
Smart City Message Alerts

EmailToVoice.Net is Rich in Features

The rich set of features in Email To Voice will meet your business communications requirements.

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