We are an Application to Person (A2P) Solution for Critical Alerts and Business Communications

With EmailToVoice.Net, you can use any common email interface to send a phone or text message. We convert the content of an email to a voice phone call or a rich content SMS message.

In addition to using email to send the message through our service, you can also use a cURL command from within any program or Blockchain application.

The EmailToVoice.Net Suite of Products

Convert an Email into a Voice Phone Call

We dial the number in the TO field of the Email, which looks something like 5551234567@tts.message-service.org (international calls require a +CountryCode in front of the local number)

The recipient will receive a call on their phone. The text in the email is converted to a nice-sounding voice. If the recipient answers, they will hear the message right away. If they do not answer, the message will be left on their voice mail system. You can even leave a different message if the call goes to voice mail.

You can also send to a list of recipients. The recipients on the list can either be called all at once or called sequentially stopping when one acknowledges receipt of the call. This is called an Escalation List.

Convert an Email into a Text SMS Message

We convert the content of an email to a text message and deliver the message as an SMS.

Convert an Email into a Rich Communications SMS Message

We create a custom HTML Web page from the content of the email and deliver it through a simple SMS message, allowing viewing of the page on a cell phone from a simple tap. The message can also require a password to be entered before the rich content SMS message can be read by the recipient.

Convert an Email with a recorded voice attachment into a Voice Phone Call

We deliver a prerecorded voice to a phone.

Convert an Email into a FAX

We deliver the attachment of an email to a FAX number and use the content of the email as  the cover letter.

Other Useful Features

Parse the important part of the message converted to Voice or SMS

You can parse the email message by specifying where the important part of the text starts and ends. This eliminates the irrelevant parts of your email, such as images, the top Header part, and the bottom of the email, such as the Signature, leaving only the important part of the message. Set these parameters in the Customer Portal / My Details / Change Details. It is great to keep the message short and more succinct.

Set a window of time for delivering the messages

If you want to send alerts out to your staff as phone calls or SMS text messages only during a specific time of day, you can specify the times in Customer Portal / My Details / Email To Broadcast: Active Window.

In Summary

There are many advanced features of EmailToVoice.Net. These are merely a few of them. We love to share our many years of experience in this industry and provide easy no-code solutions for your workflow communications needs. Do not hesitate to Contact Us.


Director at EmailToVoice.Net: CISSP – Solutions Architect for Industrial IoT Alerts and Business Communications. LinkedIn