Fax should be a major consideration as an enterprise develops its Digital Transformation strategy. Traditional steps that have always been part of the business processes must continue to be considered. If they are not, business processes will be broken.

FAX communications still holds significant importance in many industries, such as the legal, healthcare, and financial sectors. But, FAX is used for many business purposes because of the ubiguitous FAX protocol; its security, and relability.

As the Wel Corporation states in their post Legal and Government: Why use Cloud Fax?

Cloud fax services offer security features such as encryption and secure data centres to protect your confidential documents. In addition, many services offer audit trails and access controls to ensure that only authorized personnel can view and send faxes.

EmailToVoice.Net FAX

One such cloud FAX service is offered by EmailToVoice.Net. This service allows users to send FAXes through their existing email accounts. Business applications can send FAXes as easily as sending an email. The Attachment of the email is converted to FAX format and delivered to the recipient’s FAX machine or email inbox. The content of the email will optionally be converted to the FAX cover page.

Cloud FAX services offer numerous advantages for enterprises, including cost-effectiveness, speed, security, and accessibility. EmailToVoice.Net offers cloud-based FAX solutions. Utilizing these services, businesses can streamline their FAX communications processes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs, while maintaining the security and confidentiality of their sensitive information.

How to Send a FAX Using a Cloud Service

Sending a FAX from the cloud-based EmailToVoice.Net is as easy as sending an email or adding an Email destination to your business applications software.

How to Send a FAX Using Email

Enter phonenumber@FAX.message-service.org in the “to” field.
phonenumber for the USA and Canada is something like 5555555555. The number does not need to be preregistered with EmailToVoice.Net.
For International numbers outside of the USA and Canada, the phonenumber needs a + country code and would look something like +6155555555

The FROM email address must be the same as specified in the subscription process or a special email address you provided.

Type in anything you want in the subject field using less than 120 characters.
Attach your document, such as a PDF, to the Email.

The content of the Email will be used as the FAX Cover Page.

In Summary

There are many advanced features of EmailToVoice.Net. This is just one of them. We love to share our many years of experience in this industry and provide easy no-code solutions for your workflow communications needs. Do not hesitate to Contact Us.


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