Update February 4, 2024, (All Messages)

EmailToVoice.Net is a powerful communication tool that allows users to convert emails into voice messages or SMS messages. In a production environment, it can be very prudent to establish limits on the number of alert messages that can be sent within a set timeframe.

The situation that makes this feature useful is in the case of a catastrophic event. Sometimes, monitoring software will send alert messages out until the issue is resolved. EmailToVoice.Net provides a safeguard for excessive alert phone calls being made during a catastrophic event.

This feature applies to Text-To-Speech, SMS, Enterprise SMS (LinkInSMS), and Prerecorded messages.

Customer Portal Setting

This feature is available in the Customer Portal / My Details / EtoB – Send Limit cutoff . The customer can enter the number of messages that are acceptable within a selected timeframe.

Sending Limit cutoff

In Summary

There are many advanced features of EmailToVoice.Net. This is merely one of them. We love to share our many years of experience in this industry and provide easy no-code solutions for your workflow communications needs. Do not hesitate to Contact Us.


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