*** This post has been updated on October 15, 2022 to reflect the upgrade to the feature ‘EtoB – Sending Limit Cutoff ‘ ***


EmailToVoice.Net allows customers to limit the number of voice phone calls sent through our service within a specific timeframe. The timeframe can be set as:

  • one minute
  • five minutes
  • one hour
  • one day

The purpose of this feature is to limit excessive alert messages sent during an abnormal condition, such as a widespread power failure or some other catastrophic event that is completely out of the ordinary. When the customer integrates EmailToVoice.Net with their business applications and monitoring systems, the customer expects a certain number of messages to be sent within a certain window of time under normal conditions. Using this feature, the customer can set limits to meet their expectations. The result is the containment of unnecessary messages.

To set this limit, the customer can go to the Customer Portal / My Details / EtoB – Send Limit cutoff and enter the number of messages that are acceptable within a selected timeframe.

Sending Limit cutoff Updated 10192022

Sending Limit cutoff Updated 10192022

The EmailToVoice.Net service will either

  • Automatically disable the account if an abnormal condition occurs. The service will automatically tick the box at My Details /  EtoB – Is Disabled when the service is disabled, and the service will be set as inactive. The service will also email the main email address in the account with a notification that the service has been disabled because of an exceptional condition. If this condition is triggered, the service will need to be reactivated manually by the customer when the condition passes. The customer will simply go into the Customer Portal and untick the box at My Details /  EtoB – Is Disabled, and the service will be back active again.
  • Ignore excess jobs when the EtoB Sending Limit cutoff is reached. the messages sent within the cutoff timeframe will be discarded. Messages will restart after the cutoff timeframe is past.

Monthly Cost Limits

This ‘Sending Limit’ feature is in addition to the customer’s ability to request a monthly cost limit. By default, the monthly limit is set at $300 USD when a credit card is provided and stored on file or a Purchase Order is received from the customer. If the customer wants this limit reduced or increased, then Contact Us with the requested monthly limit. If normal processing is recognized by the EmailToVoice.Net team within a customer account as exceeding the $300 default limit, then the EmailToVoice.Net Billing Team will attempt to accommodate normal processing behavior for the customer by raising the monthly limit above the $300 USD default amount appropriately.

Other Useful Features

Parse the important part of the message converted to Voice or SMS

You can parse the email message by specifying where the important part of the text starts and ends. This eliminates the irrelevant parts of your email, such as images, the top Header part, and the bottom of the email, such as the Signature, leaving only the important part of the message. Set these parameters in the Customer Portal / My Details / Change Details. It is great to keep the message short and more succinct.

Set a window of time for delivering the messages

If you want to send alerts out to your staff as phone calls or SMS text messages only during a specific time of day, you can specify the times in Customer Portal / My Details / Email To Broadcast: Active Window.

In Summary

There are many advanced features of EmailToVoice.Net. These are merely a few of them. We love to share our many years of experience in this industry and provide easy no-code solutions for your workflow communications needs. Do not hesitate to Contact Us.


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