EmailToVoice.Net has added Italian as a voice in its Text To Speech feature offering.

When sending a voice phone call using email, it is important that the voice being used in the Text To Speech engine is matched to the language the message was written. The pronunciation should be matched to the written text in the email to have the message clearly understood by the person answering the call.

EmailToVoice.Net allows a phone call to be made by using any email interface. This is useful when monitoring software, CRM or ERP systems need to place phone calls. These services generally have only the ability to send emails. Making a phone call is necessary to have alerts recognized in a timely and effective manner.

Italian Voice is now Available

EmailToVoice.Net has added Italian to its long list of voices for customers.

Italian is an additional voice added to a long list of available pronunciations for Text to Speech messages. The Features Document can be downloaded to see more voices available in EmailToVoice.Net. If you do not see a voice that you need for your EmailToVoice.Net messages, contact us and let us know what you need.

Voice Selection Alternatives

American English is the default voice in EmailToVoice.Net. A customer can choose to change the voice default in their account profile by logging into the Customer Portal and going to the My Details menu selection. Or the customer can let us know and we will make the change. Alternatively, a customer can add a Voice Tag in the content of a specific email message to dynamically change the voice for that email message. The Features Document can be downloaded to learn more about Tags.