EmailToVoice.Net can send a message to a phone using email and have the email content read to the recipient with a nice sounding voice using Text-To-Speech. The destination used in the email is simply to have the TO field look something like

To send the message to multiple recipients, the sender can merely send the message multiple times to different recipients. However, there are three other ways to send a message from EmailToVoice.Net to multiple recipients.

Multiple Destinations in the TO Field

Multiple destinations can be specified in the TO field by separating them with a “#”. IE;:
OR, multiple destinations can be entered as multiple full email addresses:

NOTE: When stringing destinations in the TO field of the Email, there is standard general length restriction of about 64 characters for the TO field.

Multiple Destinations in the Email Content

Multiple Destinations can be In the body of the message in the following format:

NOTE: The destination phone numbers are included in the body of the message. So, the TO field should be:

Multiple Destinations Using a Pre-Loaded List

Multiple Destinations can be through pre-setup lists by using the format:
My First List Name
My Second List Name

NOTE: These lists are created and loaded onto our Service. To pre-load destination lists, contact us at our Contact Us page  or by sending an email to A process will be agreed upon to load the list(s).

NOTE: The destination phone numbers are included in the body of the message. So, the TO field should be:

Works for all Communications

The examples above are using TTS. However, these multiple destination options are applicable for all of the communication methods available in EmailToVoice.Net. For instance, the tts can be replaced with sms, fax or voice, since EmailToVoice.Net can also send to SMS, FAX and send a pre-recorded voice message via an attached WAV file.

You can learn more at our Features Page. If you have any questions regarding these optional methods to specify recipients in EmailToVoice./Net, please Contact Us