Below are the most common features used by customers of EmailToVoice.Net. When a new customer subscribes to EmailToVoice.Net, they can immediately send voice phone calls or SMS alert messages from their monitoring software or any business application. However, EmailToVoice.Net is rich in advanced features that are very useful to the customer. 

Can I add an additional email address just for sending messages?

Being able to assign a designated send-only email address is useful. The email address does not need to have an email signature. It also will not receive any usage reports or billing information. All reporting will continue to go to the main email address on the EmailToVoice.Net account. This send-only email address may be an email address used specifically by the company’s monitoring software.

We can assign an additional email address to your subscription account that will be used only for sending emails through EmailToVoice.Net. The way to get a send-only email address added to your account is to merely use the CONTACT US form on the Web Site and provide us with the email address you want to be added to your account.

There is one special consideration. The send-only email address must be exclusively owned by your customer. All emails used in EmailToVoice.Net must have a business domain and must be owned by the company that subscribed to the EmailToVoice.Net service. This is to protect the customer from being erroneously charged for messages generated by another company.

The Customer Portal

The customer has an interactive dashboard to check the status of messages or review the number of messages that have been sent in the past and many more capabilities.

EmailToVoice.Net Customer Portal Login

UserName and Password

If you do not know your username or password, no problem. Just click on the “I don’t know my username and/or password” button. You will be asked to specify the main email address on your account and a secure link specifying the username will be sent to your email. Save the username and click on the secure link. There you will be asked to reset the password. Then you will have the username and password so that you can log in to the Customer Portal.

EmailToVoice.Net View All Jobs


How can I see job costs?

The “View All Jobs” menu item will provide the customer job costs, total period costs, and other detailed information for messages that have been sent through EmailToVoice.Net. Specific date ranges or a specific job number can be specified. Cost totals and other totals will be displayed at the bottom of the display of the jobs that met the date filter. This is a way for the customer to look back in history to see costs and other specifics about each job.

Can I have only the important part of the message converted to Voice or SMS? (Parse the message)

You can parse the email message by specifying where the important part of the text starts and ends. This eliminates the irrelevant parts of your email, such as images, the top Header part, and the bottom of the email, such as the Signature, leaving only the important part of the message. Set these parameters in the Customer Portal / My Details / Change Details. It is great to keep the message short and more succinct.

Can I set a window of time for delivering the messages?

If you want to send alerts out to your staff as phone calls or SMS text messages only during a specific time of day, you can specify the times in Customer Portal / My Details / Change Details / Email To Broadcast: Active Window.

Can I have the sending number be from my company?

You can have the Caller ID for TTS and Voice messages be from a number that you own. Just Contact Us. We will schedule a short coordinated process to verify your phone number. Then your own company number can be the Caller ID for the TTS (Text to Speech) phone calls. We cannot guarantee that the Caller ID will display in all regions of the USA and globally because carriers throughout the US and the world have to meet varying regulations regarding Caller ID.

You can specify an SMS Sender ID number in Customer Portal / My Details / Change Details if the number being called is not in the USA or Canada. Within the USA and Canada, you will need to request a number (a Long Code) from us and we will update your account with that number. There will be a minimal monthly charge for that Long Code.

Can I send to multiple destinations?

There are several ways to send to more than one destination.

Multiple Destinations in the TO Field

Multiple destinations can be specified in the TO field by separating them with a “#”. IE;:
OR, multiple destinations can be entered as multiple full email addresses:

NOTE: When stringing destinations in the TO field of the Email, there is a standard general length restriction of about 64 characters for the TO field.
NOTE: The type of messages, such as TTS or SMS, cannot be mixed in a single message.

Multiple Destinations in the Email Content

Multiple Destinations can be In the body of the message in the following format:

NOTE: The destination phone numbers are included in the body of the message. So, the TO field should be:

Multiple Destinations Using a Pre-Loaded List

Multiple Destinations can be through pre-setup lists by using the format:
First ListName
Second ListName

NOTE: These lists are created and loaded through the Customer Portal
NOTE: The TO field should be:

Can I have a list of numbers called sequentially, such as in an escalation list?

The Escalation List feature would call the first contact in the list. If they do not listen to the message for at least 10 seconds, or do not reply in a positive fashion by pressing 1 in the phone’s Dialpad, then the second contact is called. And that continues until someone listens to the message, replies to accept the offer, or the List is exhausted.

In all instances, a status report of the message is logged on the Customer Portal under View All Jobs and an email status report is returned to the main email address on the account. Further Workflow processes can be executed using the email status report with a product such as Microsoft Power Automate.

To use this feature, you set up a new list (or edit an old one) in the Customer Portal and tick the box “This list is an escalation list”.


Set the Escalation List identifier

NOTE: You send your TTS message using this list in EmailToVoice.Net. For example,

  1. send the email message TO
  2. in the body of your message, include:
    <Lists>*My New Escalation List Name*</Lists> (* * replace with your list name)

Can I have the subject field be part of the message?

The Subject field of the email coming into our service is always used as the Job Name for reporting purposes. However, sometimes the Subject Field has valuable information in it. So, you can choose to concatenate the Subject field to the message or have only the Subject field be the entire message. You specify this in Customer Portal / My Details / Change Details.

Can I have an SMS message deliver large amounts of formatted data?

An Aert text message sometimes needs to deliver a large amount of formatted data (HTML). This can be done by sending the email with the TO field as For instance, the formatted data may be the section of a user manual on how to perform the repair for the failed device.

Our ‘Enterprise SMS’ feature, which uses LinkInSMS, is explained in more detail in our post called “Sending Enterprise Text Using a Simple Email Interface “.

In Summary

There are many advanced features of EmailToVoice.Net. These are merely a few of them. We love to share our many years of experience in this industry and provide easy no-code solutions for your workflow communications needs. Do not hesitate to Contact Us.


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