What alternative is available to make a phone call using email? This is especially useful for sending a voice message to a phone from an alert system or business application. A cloud-based messaging service called EmailToVoice.Net provides the ability to convert an email to a phone call with no need to install special APIs, hardware or software.

Why Send a Phone Alert

Email is the typical mode of communication for alerts from the monitoring software, CRM or other business applications. But, few of us immediately respond to email, especially after-hours and when we are sleeping. A phone call, however, will get our attention at all of hours of the day.

Immediate response to the message is not the only reason to use a phone message for communication. If recipients are driving a truck, or any vehicle, an email is unacceptable. The message should not be read by the driver of a moving vehicle. A message coming across a hands-free phone may be an accepted alternative.

How to send an Alert to a Phone

EmailToVoice.Net provides the ability to make a phone call using any email interface. This can be tested using a personal email mailbox. However, the production use of this capability is by utilizing the email capability within Alert Software, CRM, ERP or any enterprise application.

How to Use EmailToVoice.Net

First, a user should subscribe to EmailToVoice.net. A free trial is available with a value of $4.95 USD allowing about 55 message units to be sent within a 28 day trial period. The user will be able to immediately make a phone call using their email by following the simple instructions below:

FROM Field

The email must be sent from the same email address as was specified during the free trial subscription process.

TO Field

The TO field will specify the phone number to be dialed. The TO field would look something like 2145551783@tts.message-service.org. (if the number is not a USA or Canadian number, then the TO field would look something like +6155551243@tts.message-service.org) The number can be any phone number in the world, with some exceptions due to international regulations, and does not have to be preregistered.


The SUBJECT field can be anything brief. It is used for reporting.

Content of Email

The content of the email is converted to a pleasant sounding American English voice. (Leave at least 4 lines after the content of the email and before the email signature, so the Email signature is not converted to voice.)

Send the Email

That’s it. The EmalToVoice.net service will dial the number, play the voice rendition of the email content, handle voicemail, etc.

Advanced Features

There are many advanced features of EmailToVoice.Net. Those features will be covered in future posts. So, subscribe to our blog and stay updated. We also provide some very useful information in our Blog regarding Industrial Internet of Things, Monitoring Software and much more.