Blockchain Smart Contracts Require Application to Person Communications

Blockchain Smart Contracts Require Application to Person Communications

Blockchain applications need the ability to communicate with individuals. This can be everything from important alerts to sharing general information with a team. The challenge is to get the message out of a Blockchain application and deliver it to a human as a voice phone call or SMS message.

EmailToVoice.Net provides a cloud-based business communications service that can be invoked by a URL. This enables a Blockchain application to send voice phone calls and SMS messages using a cURL command.


Blockchain is quickly becoming integrated with all aspects of business in the form of Web 3.0 applications. Supply chain, finance, and health processes are developed in Blockchain environments using Smart Contracts, as explained in the article: Blockchain-enabled wireless communications: a new paradigm towards 6G

Empowered by its inherent properties such as transparency, anonymity, immutability, traceability and resiliency, blockchain can create trustworthy and secure environments in decentralized manners with low cost and enable a variety of innovative applications and services besides cryptocurrencies. Nowadays, blockchain is widely used in finance and many areas such as logistics, digital voting, tax regulation, copyright protection, health care, to name a few.

Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 Communications Requirements

Generally speaking, the traditional Web 2.0 applications easily send email messages. But, email is often not enough to get the attention of the recipient. So, EmailToVoice.Net was designed to allow traditional business applications to deliver data using a simple email interface. The TO field in the email specifies the recipient’s phone number. EmailToVoice.Net converts the content of the email to either a voice or an SMS message and is then delivered to a phone. Examples of the TO field are or

However, Blockchain applications do not send emails as easily as traditional applications. To provide the same capability for Blockchain Web 3.0 applications, EmailToVoice.Net now provides a URL capability.

Blockchain programs can issue a cURL command that invokes EmailToVoice.Net and its A2P business communications services. The cURL command would be executed through protocols that provide off-chain communications. One example would be Chainlink, which is an oracle network that expands the capability of Smart Contracts by providing access to off-chain capabilities, like cURL commands. Chainlink has external adapters. There are templates to develop external adapters. One example would be Chainlink NodeJS External Adapter Template by Thomas.

Using cURL with EmailToVoice.Net converts a text message into a voice phone call or SMS message. The call can be sent to any phone in the world. A cURL command can invoke the capabilities of EmailToVoice.Net. The command can be a GET request or a POST.

A URL example for having a program make a voice phone callĀ  using EmailToVoice.Net would look something like this:

    • Username: The user name created during the subscription to EmailToVoice.Net (Always preceded by etv/)
    • Password: The password used to sign on to the Customer Portal
    • JobType: Text-to-Speech or SMS
    • Message: The text message that will be converted based upon the JobType: For Text-to-speech, the text is converted to a voice and then played when the recipient answers or left on voicemail if the recipient does not answer. For SMS, the message is converted to an SMS and sent to the recipient’s phone
    • Recipients: the phone number of the recipient. If the number is in the USA or Canada, then the format would be 5551231234. For any number outside of the USA or Canada, specify the country code, like +615551234 or 0011615551231234. If you want more than one recipient, use the | as a separator, for example, 5551231234|5552343456
    • version: Always specify 2

How does EmailToVoice.Net work With Blockchain converts the content of an Email or a message in a cURL command into a Voice Phone Call or an SMS Text Message for Blockchain applications. We are an Application to Person (A2P) Solution for Critical Alerts and Business Communications. If you have any questions, please contact us. We love to share our experience in A2P business communications and expertise in Blockchain.


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