Thank you

Thank you for subscribing to EmailToVoice.Net

You will receive a welcome email in the email mailbox that you specified in the subscription form.

You are now able to send $5.00 USD worth of TTS (Text to Speech) and SMS from that email address.

— NOTE: If the website domain was not the same as the email address domain, the service will not work. Contact us if you have questions —

To send a message, just:

1) Send an email message from the email address specified in the subscription process. (this can be changed – Contact Us)

2) Put the recipient’s number, like in the TO field. (xxx is tts or sms or linkinsms) (International number needs a +CountryCode)

3) Enter any short subject field – This is used for reporting by default, but can be made part of the message by changing your user profile in the Customer Portal.

4) Type your message in the email, and
Hit send.

This will work with any Internet-connected device, Alert service, or any business application capable of sending an email. Just enter a new email contact for the recipient in the format described above. No more need for complicated Application Program interface (API) programming or complex gateways.