Email to Voice FAQ to explain the features and capabilities of Email to Voice


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  • With Email to Voice, can I send messages from my Contacts System, like my CRM, Dispatch, PCS or ERP, such as or SAP?
    Email to Voice14-12-2015

    Yes. Many contact systems will work with Email to Voice. However, you need to test yours. First, ensure that your ‘From’ email address is the same email address that you have setup through Email To Voice. This is by default the email address you used when you subscribed to Email To Voice. However, you can have us assign a different email address as the Authorized Email Address. Just contact us and make that request.

    When you are sure the ‘From’ email address set in your Contact System is the same as the Authorized Email Address in Email To Voice, then just enter an additional email address for your contact in your Contact System as shown below, where nnnnnnnnnn is the phone number for your contact. Then go through your normal process to send your contact an email from your contact system. Select the ‘TO’ email address as the new Email To Voice address you just added, and the contact will receive a voice message, a SMS or a FAX. No special API or plugin is required to have this work. (requires an attachment) (requires an attachment)

  • Can I send a single email to multiple users using different communication methods?
    Email to Voice14-12-2015

    No. You can send an email to multiple users using the same communication method through a number of ways as specified in the FAQ “How can I send a single email to multiple users?”. However, you cannot send a single email to multiple users using different communication methods; for instance sending SMS and TTS in the same email message is not allowed.

  • When I send e Text to Speech message, I receive an error “Sorry, there was an error processing your EmailToVOICE. The error was: No Message content found."
    Email to Voice14-12-2015

    You were probably sending your Text to Speech message to You should use so that Email to Voice will convert your email text to a voice message.

  • How can I send a single email to multiple users?
    Email to Voice14-12-2015

    There are four ways to send a message to multiple users in a single email. (But, remember, that you cannot send a single email to multiple users using different communication methods.) Refer to Tips for Email to Voice.

    The four ways are

    1) In the “To” address. Multiple destinations can be sent to by separating them with a “#” (ie,

    2) In the body of the message you can use the "numbers" tag. Refer to page 2 of


    3) If you want to send to a pre loaded list, contact us and we will work with you on creating that list. Then you can send to the pre-loaded list by using the "lists" tag:

    My First List Name
    My Second List Name

    4) You can use a Google Voice phone number that you own. (USA only)

  • Is there authentication for my emails?
    Email to Voice14-12-2015

    There are three authentication methods:

    1. By default, before the message is sent on to the designated recipients, the sending email address is verified to be the email address that was specified during the subscription process.

    2. A Challenge Response is available upon request. Merely contact us and request this to be added to your account. This Challenge Response authentication will be set for all emails sent from your email address in your account. The way it works is once you send the email, the job is saved on our servers until an Authentication email is sent to the subscribed sender user’s email address. You then reply from your subscribed email address to confirm that you initiated the request, and then the job is sent on to the recipients from our servers.

    2. You also have the ability to insert an Embedded Password. In this case, the original job request should have the line “Password=xxyyzz” in the body of the email. If this password matches your account password, then the message is sent immediately.

    To learn more about the strength and workings of each of these authentication methods, refer to the How Email to Voice works.

  • Can I trial the Email to Voice service?
    Email to Voice14-12-2015

    Yes. When you subscribe to the service, you automatically get a 28 day trial and the ability to send up to 55 messages.

    • Text to Speech (TTS) and SMS from your Email
    • 28 Day no cost Trial with 55 free messages
    • No credit card required for trial
    • After trial period, a signup fee of $4.95 applied toward future usage
    • No monthly activity equals no monthly charges
  • Can I use a different email address as the authorized email address instead of the email address I used to subscribe to Email To Voice?
    Email to Voice14-12-2015

    Yes. Contact us and provide us the email address you want as the authorized email address. We will set that up for you.

  • Can I use Google Voice with the Email to Voice service?
    Email to Voice14-12-2015

    We understand that Google Voice can be used successfully with Email to Voice.

  • The email signature is being included in my message, but, I want it excluded. How do I exclude the Email Signature text?
    Email to Voice14-12-2015

    The text in the email that is before four empty lines will be considered the complete message to be converted to Text or sent as a SMS. So, four empty lines will identify the end of the message. Ensure there are four empty lines before the signature.

    You can also ask our support staff to specify a special phrase to denote the end of the message, such as the characters at the beginning of the email signature. Just send us the request details through the Contact US page.

    Another alternative is to insert the tag at the end of the message.

  • Can I have a specific SMS Reply number to be used when I send a Two-Way SMS message
    Email to Voice05-04-2016

    Yes. For Two-Way SMS messages, we use a pool of "long Codes" as the SMS Reply Number. We can assign a specific "Long Code" for your account that will be used as the SMS Reply Number for an additional monthly charge. A Long-code is required for USA customers to have the same SMS Sender ID display every time. International customers can specify the Send ID in My Details in the Customer Portal.

    Just, contact us and we will discuss the alternatives further.

  • Can I have one of my own company phone numbers show up as the Caller ID on the recipient’s phone when I use TTS Email to Voice?
    Email to Voice14-12-2015

    Yes. Send us the number through the Contact Us page and provide proof that your company owns the number you want to show up as the Caller ID. A phone bill would be appropriate proof. If you don’t have a phone bill, contact us and we will discuss alternative proof items. This is in reference to TTS (voice) messages. For SMS (Text) messages refer to another FAQ on the subject of SMS reply number.

  • Can I send to an International phone number if I am subscribed to the USA Email to Voice service? What is the cost to send to phone numbers outside of the United States?
    Email to Voice14-12-2015

    Yes. The format would be something like Precede the country code with a + sign, and then follow with the phone number. Alternatively, you can specify the number like this: 0011415555555555. The number can be anywhere in the world with the exception of certain regulatory restrictions. To determine cost and the availability, just send a test message to the number and see the cost of the message in the detailed email report. The number does not have to be preregistered.

  • Can I change the default voice from Female American English to another voice?
    Email to Voice14-12-2015

    Yes. When your account is initially setup, your default voice is Female American English. But, you can change that in the Customer Portal.

    At any time, you can override the default voice by inserting the "voice" tag in the email. Remember that this is in reference to the voice used for reading the content of the email as written. Our Email to Voice service does not translate the content of the email.

  • Do you retry the voice call if your service get a busy or no answer?
    Email to Voice14-12-2015

    Yes. The Email to Voice service retries 2 times for a busy or no answer for a TTS or Voice call. The condition would be if there were a problem with the network or the phone itself. The recipient's phone should always have voicemail and the voicemail should not be full.

  • Can I have a different message played if the call is answered by voice mail
    Email to Voice19-12-2015

    Yes. This is very useful when used in conjuction with the "TwoWay" tag. When the message is sent, you can have the email message say "Your order has been shipped and should have arrived at your location. Hit 1 if you have not received the package and we will investigate". Then, you can set an alternate message to be played for voice mail systems by adding it in the tags “VoiceMsg”. For example, you could add the following to the content of your email as the alternative voice mail message: "Sorry we missed you, but your order has been shipped and should have arrived at your location. Please call us if you have not received it." For more information, refer to How Email to Voice works

  • Can I have the SUBJECT field of the email read as part of the message
    Email to Voice09-06-2016

    Yes. By default, the SUBJECT field of the email is used only for reporting uses. You will see it on the monthly Usage Statements. But, you can have the SUBJECT field concatenated with the content of the email and have the SUBJECT field and the content of the email converted to speech. Or, you can have the SUBJECT field be the only part of the email that is converted to speech. Contact Us and let us know how you want this feature set for your Account. We will change the default of your Account to meet your requirements.

  • Can I specify the Email to Voice message as a CC or BCC?
    Email to Voice19-09-2016

    No. You cannot specify the or msg@tts, as a CC or BCC. It must be in the TO field.

  • How do I change the billing or credit card credentials on file
    Email to Voice01-03-2017

    Use the Contact Us form to let us know you want to change the billing credential for Email To Voice. We do not store your credit card information. So, we will send you a link by which you can change the credit card information securely.

  • I did not receive the call but the email report said the call was successful
    Email to Voice15-12-2017

    There are several possibilities:

    1. The message may have been too short for the telephone system the message was sent to. Create a longer message.
    2. The number may be involved in a 'forward'. This can cause several undesirable results because of switching delays.
    3. Voice Mail is not setup properly on the receiving number.
    4. The number is a roll-over, like that used in a Call Center.

    First determine if any of these conditions exist. If they can be changed, then make the change or correction. If a change is not possible, contact us and we will work with you on a solution.

  • Can EmailToVoice.Net send a prerecorded message to a phone
    Email to Voice05-03-2018

    Yes. You can have the TO field look something like The precorded message must be a single attachment of a WAV file. Contact us if you need more information regarding the creation of the WAV file.

  • What is the defalut monthly spend limit on my account
    Email to Voice29-04-2019

    When a trial customer becomes a customer by using the secure link to enter their credit card or by providing a Purchase Order number, the monthly spend limit is set at $300 per month by default. If this is too high or too low for your requirements, please contact us Also, contact us for the secure link to become a customer

  • What are the message limits of EmailToVoice.Net
    Email to Voice29-04-2019

    The default limit for TTS (Text to Speech) is 1,000 characters. If this needs to be increased, contact us
    The default limit for SMS messages is 6 SMS messages.
    The default size for FAX is 5Mb. If this needs to be increased contact us

  • Can I remove the standard Header message read before my email message
    Email to Voice17-11-2019

    Yes. The standard Header message that is read before your email text is removed when you become a customer by providing your credit card, as outlined in the Welcome email we sent you when you signed up for the free trial.

  • Can I specify an SMS Sender ID for my company account?
    Email to Voice22-08-2020

    Yes. To have the same number show every time when sending an SMS text message through EmailtToVoice.Net, USA customers must rent an SMS Long-Code from EmailToVoice.Net. International customers can specify the Sender ID in MY Details in the Customer Portal or they can also rent a Long-Code to be the consistent SMS Sender ID. Contact us to get a Long Code specific for your account.

  • Can I have several people called sequentially
    Email to Voice26-01-2021

    Yes. We call this feature Escalation Lists. Create a List in the Customer Portal. Click the Escalation List box. Then to send the message:

    1. send the email message TO
    2. in the body of your message, include:
      <Lists>*My New Escalation List Name*</Lists> (* * replace with your list name)
  • Can I be assured the recipient of the SMS message is the correct recipient?
    Email to Voice10-08-2021

    YES, The SMS message can optionally be secured with the use of an authentication question. This helps assure that the recipient of the message is the intended recipient. The question must be answered correctly by the recipient to be able to open the URL link in the SMS message. The question and answer are set by tags put in to the Email or the List. This feature is available if you send the message to 5555555555@linkinsms.message-service-org.